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Nancy Holder


Between collaborations with Christopher Golden and Jeff Mariotte, as well as her own solo work, Nancy is one of the most prolific of Buffy and Angel authors. And thanks to her work on the WATCHER'S GUIDES and the ANGEL CASEFILES, she is undeniably a reigning expert on all things Slayer.

Growing up in California and Japan, Nancy quit school at 16 to be a ballet dancer in Germany. Eventually returning to the U.S., she resumed her studies, and graduated summa cum laude from the University of California at San Diego. Armed with a Communications degree, she instead opted to try her hand at...romance writing?

But she quickly gravitated toward horror and fantasy, and to date has published nearly 75 novels and over 200 short stories (some of her work appears under the pen names Laurel Chandler and Nancy L. Jones). In addition to her work on BUFFY and ANGEL, Nancy has also contributed stories for such licensed series as SMALLVILLE, SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH, and HIGHLANDER. Her efforts have not gone unrewarded, as she is a Los Angeles Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, and has been awarded the coveted Bram Stoker Award no less than four times.

Residing in Southern California, one wouldn't think that Nancy would have much time for anything other than book writing. However, she’s also been an editor for a computer game company, does private editorial consulting, and conducts writing seminars both at her alma mater, UCSD, as well as in Hawaii. In the spring of 2006, she launched a new course specifically about Buffy the Vampire Slayer at UCSD.

From 1997, when she co-authored the very first original Buffy novel, through today, Nancy Holder continues to uniquely play a leading part in the development of the Buffyverse.

  • Halloween Rain (with Christopher Golden) 1997
  • The Angel Chronicles Vol. 1 1998
  • Blooded (with Christopher Golden) 1998
  • Child of the Hunt (with Christopher Golden) 1998
  • The Watcher's Guide Vol. 1 (with Christopher Golden) 1998
  • Out of the Madhouse: The Gatekeeper Trilogy Book 1 (with Christopher Golden) 1999
  • Ghost Roads: The Gatekeeper Trilogy Book 2 (with Christopher Golden) 1999
  • Sons of Entropy: The Gatekeeper Trilogy Book 3 (with Christopher Golden) 1999
  • The Evil That Men Do 1999
  • Immortal (with Christopher Golden) 1999
  • Angel: City Of 1999
  • Sunnydale High Yearbook (with Christopher Golden) 1999
  • Angel: Not Forgotten 2000
  • The Burning: The Unseen Trilogy Book 1 (with Jeff Mariotte) 2001
  • Door to Alternity: The Unseen Trilogy Book 2 (with Jeff Mariotte) 2001
  • Long Way Home: The Unseen Trilogy Book 3 (with Jeff Mariotte) 2001
  • The Journals of Rupert Giles 2001
  • The Book of Fours 2001
  • Tales of the Slayer Vol. 1 2001 "Unholy Madness"
  • Angel: Endangered Species (with Jeff Mariotte) 2002
  • Angel: The Longest Night Vol. 1 2002 "Have Gunn, Will Travel" "The Anchoress"
  • The Angel Casefiles Vol. 1 (with Jeff Mariotte) 2002
  • Blood and Fog 2003
  • Chosen: The One 2003 [Uncredited]
  • Tales of the Slayer Vol. 3 2003 "The Code of the Samurai"
  • The Watcher's Guide Vol. 2 (with Jeff Mariotte and Maryelizabeth Hart) 2003
  • Heat 2004
  • Tales of the Slayer Vol. 4 2004 "It's All About the Mission"
  • Keep Me in Mind 2005
  • Queen of the Slayers 2005
  • Carnival of Souls 2006