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Diana G. Gallagher lives in Florida with her husband, Marty Burke, five dogs, three cats and a cranky parrot. Her hobbies include gardening, politics, and grandchildren.

Although horses, music, and art were high on Gallagher's list of favorite things as a teenager, she had aspirations to be a professional writer at the age of twelve. A weekend locked away with her Dad's manual typewriter churning out fourteen pages of an epic horse story led to writing songs that she sang while earning her living as a musician. Diligently pounding out a few million unsold words of fiction, she gained some notoriety among SF fans and space development advocates with her songs about humanity's future in space. Since then she has established a career as a prominent writer of media-based novels with a publication list approaching sixty titles.

During the beginning stages of writing THE ALIEN DARK (TSR 1990), her first published novel, Gallagher also tried her hand at whimsical fantasy art.

What began as a means of paying convention expenses and having fun soon developed into a full-time artistic endeavor. Best known for her hand-colored prints depicting Woof: The House Dragon, she won a Hugo for Best Fan Artist in 1988.

Gallagher has written Young Adult and Adult novels in several series: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Smallville, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, The Secret World Of Alex Mack, and Are You Afraid Of The Dark, among others. Her original Young Reader series, THE MONSTERS OF CREEPER WOODS and THE CRITTER CHRONICLES OF CAMEO CARTER have contracts pending.

She is also co-author of a non-fiction account of events at the Orleans Parish Jail during and after Hurricane Katrina with Dr. Richard Demaree Inglese, PRISONERS OF THE STORM (Citadel), was published in 2007.

  • Obsidian Fate 1999
  • Prime Evil 2000
  • Doomsday Deck 2000
  • Angel The Casefiles: Volume 2 (with Paul Ruditis) 2004
  • Spark and Burn 2005
  • Bad Bargain 2006