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Mel Odom


Mel Odom was born in California and raised in Oklahoma, and from an early age developed a love for fantasy tales, thanks to classics like PETER PAN, as well as more current fare, such as comic books. By the time he was in the fifth grade, Mel was "writing all the time," and he knew he wanted to be a professional writer when he grew up.

For the next few years, he would practice his skills and hone his abilities by authoring "sequels" of science fiction and fantasy books he had read…and being a voracious reader, that made for a lot of sequels to help master the art of storytelling, even if they were stories that no one else would ever read.

Following high school, he got his B.A. in English…and then gave up writing. It wasn't until several years later, in the midst of a divorce and desperately needing a diversion from that unhappy situation, that he began stringing words together again and creating his own stories.

And now, over 140 books later, with such honors as an Alex Award from the American Library Association to show for his efforts, Mel continues to be as successful as he is prolific, and happily shows no signs of slowing down.

  • Unnatural Selection (1999)
  • Angel: Redemption (2000)
  • Revenant (2001)
  • Angel: Bruja (2001)
  • Tales of the Slayer Volume I: "Silent Screams" (2001)
  • Crossing (2002)
  • Angel: Image (2002)
  • Cursed (2003)
  • Tales of the Slayer Volume III "Ch'ing Shih" (2003)