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Christoper Golden

Chris Golden has been there right from the start. When Simon & Schuster Editor Lisa Clancy needed someone to write the very first original Buffy novel back in 1997, she selected Chris, partnered with Nancy Holder. From that point on, between his various novels, his work on the first WATCHER'S GUIDE, as well as THE MONSTER BOOK and THE SUNNYDALE HIGH YEARBOOK, plus multiple issues of the Buffy and Angel comic books, not to mention even a couple of BtVS video games, Golden has been very much the "Go To" guy in the extended Slayerverse.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, where he still resides with his family, Golden graduated from the prestigious Tufts University, and first made a name for himself as the editor of CUT!: HORROR WRITERS ON HORROR FILM, which earned him a Bram Stoker Award. He quickly established himself as an extremely prolific author, building an avid fan base (including the likes of Stephen King) with such original works as WILDWOOD ROAD, THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN, and STRANGEWOOD, and such series as THE SHADOW SAGA, BODY OF EVIDENCE and THE VEIL. He has also written comics for DC, Marvel, Kitchen Sink, and other publishers. In the realm of licensed properties, he is of course well known for his Buffy books, but he has also helmed entries in the X-MEN and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA series.

Among his more recent works is THE GHOSTS OF ALBION, co-created with BtVS actress Amber Benson, which began as an animated film for BBCi, and in short order was launched as its own series of novels. Chris has also worked on several proposed film scripts with Amber.

With well over 75 books bearing his byline, and his circulation approaching the impressive 10 million mark, Christopher Golden has proven himself to be an important literary figure of this generation.

  • Halloween Rain (with Nancy Holder) 1997
  • Blooded (with Nancy Holder) 1998
  • Child of the Hunt (with Nancy Holder) 1998
  • The Watcher’s Guide, Vol. 1 (with Nancy Holder) 1998
  • Out of the Madhouse: The Gatekeeper Trilogy Book 1 (with Nancy Holder) 1999
  • Ghost Roads: The Gatekeeper Trilogy Book 2 (with Nancy Holder) 1999
  • Sons of Entropy: The Gatekeeper Trilogy Book 3 (with Nancy Holder) 1999
  • Immortal (with Nancy Holder) 1999
  • Sunnydale High Yearbook (with Nancy Holder) 1999
  • Sins of the Father 1999
  • The Monster Book (with Stephen R. Bissette & Thomas E. Sniegoski) 2000
  • Spike & Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row 2001
  • Prophecies: The Lost Slayer Part 1 2001
  • Dark Times: The Lost Slayer Part 2 2001
  • King of the Dead: The Lost Slayer Part 3 2001
  • Original Sins: The Lost Slayer Part 4 2001
  • Oz: Into the Wild 2002
  • The Lost Slayer Omnibus 2003
  • Monster Island (with Thomas E. Sniegoski) 2003