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Arthur Byron Cover is a longtime science fiction writer who has also occasionally done writing work in comics and cartoons. He attended the highly respected Clarion Writer's SF Workshop in 1971, and made his first short story sale to Harlan Ellison's infamously long-planned but never published THE LAST DANGEROUS VISIONS anthology. He continued to write short science fiction stories which did see the light of day, and in 1975 he published his first novel, AUTUMN ANGELS, which was nominated for a Nebula Award.

In 1998, Arthur wrote one of the earliest Buffy novels, NIGHT OF THE LIVING RERUN. Although he has yet to return to the Buffyverse, he has kept busy with his own original works. He has also been a judge for the Philip K. Dick Memorial Award, and he currently manages the "Dangerous Visions" science fiction book sales website.

Cover has remarked that he began his career as a professional writer, then became a bookseller, and then became a fan. He figures that if this pattern of social mobility continues, pretty soon he'll be able to just read the stuff again.

  • Night of the Living Rerun 1998