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After spending 20 years as a freelance writer (writing mostly non-fiction), John Vornholt turned to book publishing in 1989. Drawing upon the good will generated by an earlier non-fiction book he had written for Simon & Schuster, John secured a contract to write MASKS, number seven in the Star Trek: The Next Generation book series.

MASKS was the first of the numbered Next Generation books to make the New York Times bestseller list and was reprinted three times in the first month. Although John has only been writing books seriously since 1989, he has written and sold more than 50 books, for both adults and children.

Theatrical rights for his fantasy novel, THE FABULIST, were acquired by David Spencer and Stephen Witkin to adapt as a Broadway musical. It won the 2002 Richard Rodgers Development Award, and also also earned a 2002 Gilman/Gonzalez-Falla Commendation Grant.

It would be difficult to find a kind of writing John has not done professionally. He started submitting science fiction stories to magazines when he was about thirteen years old. At the age of twenty, he began to write and sell travel articles (the first sale was to Diversion), and he's made hundreds of sales to markets as diverse as The Hollywood Reporter and DEC Professional.

Early in his career, John flirted with playwriting, which resulted in six published plays and several productions in the Los Angeles area. That proved satisfying, but not very lucrative, and, with a partner, he turned to screenwriting in the 1980s. Hollywood was lucrative, but not very satisfying, and John has enjoyed writing books ever since.

He currently lives with his wife and two children in Tucson, Arizona.

  • Coyote Moon - 1998
  • Seven Crows - 2003