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"Buffy: The Making of a Slayer"

Book Signing - Dark Delicacies - Burbank, California

by Liliana Costa



As a huge Buffy fan I was excited when I heard that there would be a signing for the new book, "Buffy: The Making Of A Slayer", written by author Nancy Holder. To add to the excitement, not only would Nancy be signing but she would also be joined by Amber Benson, who wrote the forward, as well as Camden Toy, John Volich and Todd McIntosh.

When I arrived I almost walked right into Camden Toy just outside of Dark Delicacies book store. Don't let the fact that he plays some pretty evil characters fool you, Camden is one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet. It was really great meeting and chatting with Nancy Holder, she is such a delightful person to talk too. She was also looking very festive wearing her Santa hat. Meeting Amber Benson is always great. We all loved her as Tara on Buffy and she is just simply an amazing and talented person. I've met Amber a couple of times before and it's always great talking with her. Also in attendance were John Volich and Todd McIntosh who did the special effects makeup on Buffy. It was nice meeting the men who brought the Sunnydale monsters to life.

Everyone was very nice and ready to answer any questions that you may have had. It was definitely a full house. Lot's of fans showed up and got in line to have their books signed and if you were like me you had a few other items to get signed as well. It was a nice gathering of very talented people and I had a wonderful time and if there is ever a signing in your neck of the woods I recommend that you go, you will not be disappointed.

"Buffy: The Making Of A Slayer" is definitely a must have, must read book for any true Buffy fan.