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Nancy Holder Interview
Interview conducted by Shiai Mata September

It kind of goes without saying that Nancy Holder is no stranger to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She, of course, co-authored the very first original Buffy novel, and she wrote one of the very…... for now... last books. In between, she did another two dozen or so stories (not to mention a few Angel novels to boot!).

She's a great author, a great source of terrific anecdotes and, most importantly of all, a great person. It was my very immense pleasure to finally get to meet her in person at last for this interview, and to thank her for all of the support she's given SlayerLit over the years.

Before we even got started on the interview, we had a bit of an adventure, searching the hotel for a quiet place to conduct it. We wound up sneaking into a conference room that was actually set up for a wedding reception. So, to the couple whose room we commandeered, Nancy and I thank you for your unknowing hospitality, and we both wish you a lifetime of wedded bliss!

Now, let's get on with what is a very fun and informative conversation…

interview by Shiai