Slayer Lit

Kindred Literature



by Elizabeth Massie


According to legend, the sineater is a dark and mysterious figure of the night, condemned to live alone in the woods, who devours food from the chests of the dead to absorb their sins into his own soul. To look upon the face of the sineater is to see the face of all the evil he has eaten.

But in a small Virginia town, the order has been broken. The sineater has a family of his own, though even his wife and children must avert their gaze on the rare occasions he visits them.

With the violated taboo comes a rash of horrifying events. But does the evil emanate from the sineater...or from an even darker force?

Winner of the 1992 Bram Stoker Award for First Novel!

"Massie's sharp observations and eye for detail bring her characters to life." - Publisher's Weekly

"Vivid, growing-up-in-the-backwoods horror." - Interzone