Slayer Lit

Kindred Literature



by Mel Odom


Edgewick Lamplighter (Wick to his friends) is a humble librarian in the isolated halls of Greydown Moors until dreams of wanderlust and a bit of dereliction in his duties result in his being shanghaied to a far-off land.

Captured by pirates, sold into slavery, and adopted by a gang of thieves, Wick soon finds himself with more adventures than even a Halfling librarian can imagine.

Rival gangs, goblin marauders, evil wizards, and monstrous dragons are soon after the wee adventurer and his newfound allies in a tale of treasures and treachery, magic and mystery, where even a little guy can rise to the occasion and save the day.

"A charming fantasy... a cute, smartly told pastiche of Tolkien and Terry Brooks." - Kirkus Reviews

An American Library Association Alex Award Winner VOYA Best Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Selection 2001