Slayer Lit

Kindred Literature



by Jeffrey J. Mariotte


The back of a van or truck, she guesses, but hard, anyway, and ridged. She rolls on the turns, slams into solid steel when the vehicle brakes suddenly. A hump that keeps ramming into her spine might be a wheel well. Head pounding, blindfolded. Duct tape holds an awful rag stuffed in her mouth and straps down her hair, bites her flesh.

No idea how long she's been riding, or who took her.

Or why.

No idea...

So begins the supernatural thriller MISSING WHITE GIRL, a riveting exploration of the dark heart of the Arizona/Mexico border region.

Bram Stoker Award-nominated author Mariotte delivers a novel of heartstopping horror. When a girl is kidnapped and her family murdered, Sheriff's Lieutenant Buck Shelton is drawn into a bloody supernatural showdown between good and evil - with an innocent girl.

"One of the best storytellers in the business." - Brian Keene, author of GHOUL