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by Nancy Holder

When a mysterious stranger helped her discover her family's legacy of fighting evil, things began to make sense in Isabella DeMarco's life. But could she marshal her newfound supernatural powers to fend off the formidable vampire hell-bent on bringing Izzy down in flames?

DAUGHTER OF THE FLAMES is the story of Isabella ("Izzy") DeMarco, a 26-year-old New Yorker who discovers that she is the long-lost heiress of a legacy of magic handed down to the women in her family by Joan of Arc. Not only that, but her family, the House of the Flames, is only one of the many Gifted clans, families, and tribes who operate under the radar of our (Ungifted) world. The Gifted world is in turmoil--and Izzy's family is under attack. It falls to Izzy to save the House of the Flames, when all she wants to do is go to the NYPD Academy and work on her relationship with NYPD Detective Pat Kittrell. But Le Fils, the King Vampire of New Orleans, and sexy Jean-Marc de Devereaux, Izzy's mentor, have other plans for her.