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This is the launch of a new, occasional feature here at SlayerLit. We're letting first-time Buffy readers share their thoughts about the books. If you've never enjoyed one of the novels yet, but you're interested in doing so and telling us about it, feel free to contact me at
First up is Stacey, a young woman from Victoria, Australia...

"The Harvest" a BTVS Review
by S.L. Fischer

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, "The Harvest", a novel written based on the first episode of this seven-season-wonder; really does capture the teen-nature of its paired episode. There is no denying that the book-to-film or film-to-book process is a tricky one. Changing a line, a scene, a costume even... can leave your target audience throwing tomatoes. However, the safest and sometimes best action to take is a steady copy- which is basically what we have here. It's no surprise that there is a little more insight into the thought process of the protagonist where the novella is concerned; but this is a good thing. The insight component of this particular piece is not over-done; it is simple and stays true to the nature of a teen novella. If you are looking to go back to the classic buffy experience, which only the first season can provide,- but also looking for something different to dig your teeth into- perhaps this book is what you need?

This is not the buffy book where you will gain the most in-depth and intense character crunching journey that is seasonís 3-7 of the TV series. The first episode is always an introduction to the characters, and therefore the narrative of this particular book is restricted to such; lest it risk changing the classic episode that introduced our beloved BTVS-world to us (and anger the readers in the process).

However, as avid fans must, reading the classic novel-depiction of episode one is not something to miss. It is an easy read- something to do before bed after a long day at work. You will not be displeased by any miss-quotes or misgivings, you will simply be able to relax with your favourite characters and remember their very first days on the hell-mouth.

It certainly will be an easy escape from the hell-mouth of your own day-to-day reality.