The Literature of Buffy the Vampire Slayer



We return with another installment of our new, occasional feature here at SlayerLit. We're letting first-time Buffy readers share their thoughts about the books. If you've never enjoyed one of the novels yet, but you're interested in doing so and telling us about it, feel free to contact me here.

Welcome back Stacey Fischer from Victoria, Australia...

"Omnibus Volume One"

Buffy The Vampire Slayer; Omnibus Volume One begins with Bu...

Where is Buffy?

Reading the first two pages without my favorite character, I felt a certain unease set into me. Was she hiding in the background in a red and white stripped outfit? Was she even in this thing?

But then I saw two familiar faces who easily drained the unease from my veins of with Buffy-verse anticipation. The famously insane Drusilla and her insanely love-bitten Spike entered the spotlight of 'All's Fair'.

Can you imagine the life and love of this vamped-up love couple? This comic was a treat to Spike's world pre-Buffy and post-Cecily. The bloodshed, the excitement, the danger... a vampire duo taking a romantic trip to the fair.

By the end of reading this tale I was not disappointed by the lack of my favorite female character. Rather than missing Buffy's punchy one liners, I was on the edge of my seat for the Spike and Dru Show!

Certainly Spike lovers will not be wanting to miss this tribute to his adventurously evil past. Its fair to say; Spike knows how to treat his woman.